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Our Story

Welcome to Hudson Woodworking!

Starting as a small family business restoring antiques and building custom furniture in Chantilly, VA, right outside Washington, DC, we grew into a thriving business. Creating all kinds of different wooden pieces with interesting exotic wood also became a passion. While we are still very involved in restoration and refinishing our customers antiques and family heirlooms, we have big dreams of branching out by handcrafting unique furniture and accessories. Our passion for woodworking means that we provide our customers nothing but the highest quality of products.

Purchasing handmade items should be an experience reminiscent of old world caliber. We start by handpicking wood from local vendors, which is chosen to accentuate the beauty of what we're crafting. Then we take the wood from its rough state by planing and cutting it to form. Whether we are turning it on the lathe or transforming it into furniture or flags, we are part of every step. Being  experienced in refinishing is a bonus for the new pieces we create, because that same quality transfers over.

We strive to be the creative minds that bring a smile to your face. That’s why we’re always looking for innovative new ways to design something that can be a display piece for your home. Don't hesitate to drop us a line to find out what we can do for you. If you have an idea or want something personalized, let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Interested in finding out more?

Please check out our main website to see more about our company and restoration work.